Help save Scotts Head from inappropriate development!

Who are we?

Scotts Head Community Group Inc is made of of local residents to provide advocacy and support to the local community. Anyone can become a member and participate in helping to protect and shape the beautiful coastal village lifestyle we all enjoy.

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There is a David versus Goliath battle emerging in the small coastal village of Scotts Head, New South Wales. It’s a classic story of big developers looking for cheap profits at the expense of small communities, our native bushland and wildlife, and our irreplaceable indigenous heritage.

This fundraising page is to support our response to a development application. To make our response as robust as possible, we need advice from legal, town planning, social impact and ecological experts.

Any contribution you make, gratefully received, gives Scotts Head a better chance in taking on Ingenia. 

In the unlikely event that a development application isn’t made, any unused funds will be passed on to a charity supporting flood victims in Northern NSW. 

Thank you.

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Scotts Head Community Group Inc

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